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The National Academy of Arts and Sciences (NATAS)

Dee Wallace

Soprano Milena Kitic

Celebration of Life Singers

California Women's Conference

Le Salon de Musiques

Anthony Skordi's one man show "Onassis"

California International Theatre Festival

Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra's Silent Film event

Levitt Pavilion Summer Concert Series

"Broad Appeal" by Sam Dawson

"Funny: The Book" by David Misch  

Red Line Tours

Salute to Vienna

"The Whip" audiobook by Karen Kondazian

"My Mother's Keeper" by Jane Press

"L.A. Superheroes: Illegal In Hollywood" the film



 Celebration of Life Singers on Garden Grove TV3



"The Whip" audiobook by Karen Kondazian


California Women's Conference 2013

Actress and Author Dee Wallace

Le Salon de Musiques



David Misch - "Funny the Book" on
NPR's "The Dinner Party"


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